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Notwithstanding whether what you want is to augment your video diet with some live TV even though you never had cable or it could be that you want to cut cables to save money, all we can say is that you are at the right place. Today, there are so many live TV service providers and though there are some that are relatively new to the field, they have the ability of signaling a much needed shakeup of the TV establishments.

Due to the continuous advancements of technology, it is to be expected that in the near future, the humble cable box that we have today will seemingly look like a landline phone, outdated and inflexible. Well, there is nothing for you to worry about that since there are viable and perfect replacements for it like subscribing to live TV provided by the finest live TV services providers out there, delivered through an application, TV and other media platforms. Take note that if you are planning on subscribing to live TV, you will be charged with a monthly fee that starts at fifteen dollars a month.

You may not believe it but subscribing to live TV will actually offer you lots of advantages like how you only have to deal with the fee live TV service providers will ask of you and how you will not have to pay for cable fees and stay tied to a contract. With live TV, you will be able to watch the shows that you are looking forward to watching, not to mention how you will get the chance to choosing the channels you want to include in your viewing.

There are so many different types of live TV service providers for cord-cutters that you can choose from and that is what we will be talking to you in the remainder of this article:

The first one that we will be introducing to you here in this article is a live TV service provider that offers a plan that starts at forty dollars per month. Not only that, there goes the fact as well that this particular live TV service provider is offering sixty or more channels under their base package and also, they are offering twenty free hours of cloud DVR storage as well. If you are going to ask us what makes this live TV service provider a good one, well that would be how it has lots of channels for forty dollars base package, how it can support lots of devices and how it frequently shows promos and device offers as well.

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